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The 2nd Quilt Show of 2017

I was lucky enough to be in the Chicago-land area at the same time as the International Quilt Festival. So, I had no option, but to go.  This show will have to be split into several posts, as it was so large and diverse.  First let me say the number of vendors was out of control. You could not possibly visit them all in one day, but I tried. Now come the quilts.

I will start with the “Dear Jane” section.  I must do full disclosure, I am a Janiac, (by definition I believe it means addicted to the Jane quilt.)  For any who are unaware, a book was published in 1996 about a quilt finished in 1863 and at the Bennington Museum. This introduced Jane to the world and thousands have recreated or reinterpreted this quilt.

dear jane

This display is in honor of the 20th anniversary of this book. The first photo is the original quilt in the museum.


Two versions of the Jane quilt.

And another 2 versions.

These show some of the variety in interpreting this quilt.


This is a classic tribute quilt.


My apology for the blurry photo of the description of the quilt included by the author of the Dear Jane book, Brenda Papadakis.

I have completed a number of blocks in my own Jane quilt and have actually finished a Dear Jane Tribute quilt. So this was a treat for me to see this as one of the many displays. As a side note, there was even another Jane quilt, that was in a completely different category that it fit in. And that is the last Jane quilt for this time.




4 thoughts on “The 2nd Quilt Show of 2017

    1. I have been attending this particular show for a number of years and have watched it evolve. I love how diverse it remains and am always inspired by the levels of creativity and talent. It was truly a joy.


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