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Mr. Polanski Stay Away

This has been in the news of late, because he wishes to return to the United States.  He fled this country years ago to avoid prison for statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl.  He was in his 40’s at the time.

I am glad you have made a lot of great movies.  I have actually seen some of them.  I also understand that you settled financially with the girl you raped.  And, you did spend 42 days in jail at the time.

Under what warped mindset does your behavior entitle you to return with a promise of no prison time. Ok, you are old, your early life was difficult and now you make movies. A bit of research shows that while many rapists are sentenced for 10 years, they serve about 5 years.  Then are put on a lifetime listing as a sex offender.

Please stay in your adopted country, or choose to move back to Poland, just stay away.  There can be no positive benefit to have you here.  I for one was grateful when you left the country, one less person to clog up the prison system.  On behalf of 13-year-old girls everywhere, I say “No Thanks” to your version of justice.

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