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Angel Numbers

Special sequences of numbers i.e. 333 or 1111 are called angel numbers among other things.  Did these kinds of numbers always appear?  Some of this I think has increased with digital watches, clocks and just about everything like coffee makers and microwaves.  We are seeing numbers differently.


While scrolling through something of mine, I focused on the number 888. This is not one I come across much so I looked it up. This has a good meaning in Chinese numerology, it’s supposed to be lucky.  Very good to have in a phone number or address or in business dealings.

In “Angel Numbers” it means that I should have balance in my life.  In my home, work, lifestyle, healing, relationships and beliefs.  I am not sure even what all of that is. It means that I will be able to create something of value to share with the world and I will be compensated abundantly.

I like that.

angel numbers 1

I know that numerology has been around forever, it seems like a cottage industry has grown from digital numbers.  I am not a cynical  person, but I have a hard time wrapping my head around watching all these numbers.  I am a numbers person.  Loved all my math classes in school.  Worked in accounting for many years.  I even count odd things just because.

angel numbers

I guess maybe I need to look into the science of it before I go much further. Maybe it is as simple as the world has changed to digital.  So instead of looking at a clock face and seeing where each hand is, you look at the sequence of numbers that pops up before you. I am not convinced that we are more aware as people, I had a couple of grandmothers that knew everything about everything.


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