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Back Art

Not that kind of back.  One thing I don’t like about many quilt shows  is the inability to see the back of the quilt.  It is sometimes a way to see how extensive the quilting is.  On some quilts because of the fabric or the color of the thread or if they used invisible thread, it is hard to see the complete quilting pattern. The back often times shows that up very nicely.

back art 2

Early quilters did not always have access to large pieces of yardage for the back of a quilt.  In many cases the back takes more yardage than it would to make a dress or shirt so it would have been pieced out of what was available. Once yardage was accessible many backs were pieced from a single fabric. Then, the equipment used to make the material improved, so not only was one fabric a possibility, but it could be one piece with no seams. Today we have all the choices ever used in the past.

back art 12

Many of today’s quilters will make a number of the required blocks for their quilt,  but they also make extra, just in case.  One or two make be slightly smaller or larger than the others.  If you are working with a variety of fabrics you may decide at the end you want a mixture of blue and green centers and you put all the purple centers to the side.

back art 5

For some, the perfect solution is to use the extra blocks as part of the back.  Some people wanting to use up extra fabric, simply piece 10 inch squares together to make the back.  Backs are sometimes a variation on the front side quilt, like a super sized 9-patch. Other backs are  a mixture of leftover blocks from other quilts and leftover fabric.  My head is swimming with the possibilities.

back art 4

The fun thing is todays quilts are often just as beautiful on the back as the front.  My personal rule of thumb, make sure the back doesn’t take longer then the front to piece together.  Enjoy the backs.


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