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Game Player

I don’t know if there is a 12 step program for game playing, but I probably should find one.  Hi, my name is Kathy and I like to play games.  Not the mind games that none of want to be a part of, but board games and card games even dice games.

game board scrabble

I grew up as one of six children and none of us agreed as to who washed dishes yesterday.  We all knew that either washing or drying and putting away the dinner dishes was going to be our chore at some point. My mom did not put a chore chart up on the fridge or on the wall, she knew.  But often we could get her to play a game of  Scrabble to see if maybe she would wash the dishes.  We always lost, but it was a way of delaying the inevitable.

game board monopoly

We also played cards at most events where family got together. Poker, Canasta and War  are the ones I most remember.  I had no idea how this might help me later in life.  Wait isn’t that a book, all I ever need to know in life, I learned playing cards.  Probably not.  The ones about first grade make way more sense.  Also, I never said I was a good card player.  It may have helped with social skills.

To this day I still play games.

game board canasta

At senior centers and apartments everywhere you will find people sitting around tables with board games or card games of all kinds.  Some days the bridge or pinochle or canasta players take over,  but mostly there is a variety of games at all times.  This becomes a social gathering for many,  it becomes family for some.

Now you can play almost everything online, but nothing beats the friendships, the skills and the memories created by playing games with your family and/or friends seated around the same table.


4 thoughts on “Game Player

  1. Hi, Kathy! I like board games too. I played board games with my kids when they were little and now we till play games when we get together. I agree it’s the social aspect of playing one on one or on a team. Its also about learning how to win graciously and accept defeat.


    1. Hi,
      I am glad to hear that I am not the only parent who plays games with the big kids. It is all the things you mention and more. I find it a good bonding time where we come together as equals, not Mom or Grandma, but just another person on the team or the opponent. Hope you are having fun! Happy Mothers Day.

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