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This year is going to be great for me.  First I have 2 grandchildren graduating college this year, first one in May the other in June.  Then one of my grandchildren will be getting married in the fall.

I have actually been actively working on getting fit.  I know, we all resolve to do this every year and it lasts about one or two weeks, no resolution but I started doing this in November and am just sticking with it.

As I try to age as slowly as possible I find new things to occupy my mind and hands.  I am one of those who needs several projects going at the same time.  I have no idea how any one can retire  without at least a couple of hobbies.  I already had a few, but have added even more.  Doing this blog is a new thing for me, I started 3 years ago and find it very enjoyable and a good creative outlet.  It has also moved me to do some other writing and doing the research is always rewarding because I never know where it will lead me.

I have made a couple of silent resolutions, not sure if that is good or not.  I kind of have that old world feel of keep things a secret so no one can mess with your plans, quite opposite of how many feel that you speak it and put it out in the universe to make it seem real.  Right now, I don’t have complete control of my life and don’t want to upset someone else’s apple cart.  Sorry for the secretive attitude.


Ending 2019 and Looking at 2020.

2 grand children graduated college and one got married.  I have actually lost a couple of pounds but more important I’m feeling fitter and better.  Joined a writing group which helps with the blog.  Added a new city, Berlin, and a new country, Poland, to my travel this past year.  Have 2 new great grands expected in this next year, so the family certainly keeps growing.

My wish is that your next year be filled with adventure and travel and joy.