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A Multitasking Morning


I am not sure I look at multitasking the same way others do.  A typical morning, the TV is on the news channel so I can hear and occasionally see what is happening in the world.  A load of clothes has just gone into the washing machine, that should be moved in 45 minutes.  The dishwasher needs to be emptied and everything put in its correct place.  I need to figure out what I will wear today and I am starting to get hungry for my breakfast.

This is an everyday multitask  list before I even get out of the house.  Then comes the schedule for the day.  Is this a day for the Senior Center, for quilt guild, for shopping, for travel or just a trip to the sofa to veg. Retirement hasn’t taken the multitasking away, it just changes the direction it takes.  Oh the golden years, life is grand.


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