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Cats At The Quilt Show

There may be an overload of cat ladies who quilt, or quilters who quilt for cat ladies.  I have at least 2 cat ladies in my family and I am currently working on 2 cat quilts.  These are some I found at the quilt show and they were in a variety of categories.  I like the idea of using cat fabric to create the cat pattern used in one of the quilts. Some are full sized bed quilts and some are wall hanging size, all of them are beautiful.  I hope you enjoy.


I am getting settled in my new Colorado apartment after relocating from Central Oregon to the Greater Denver Metro area. Finally, here is the final post in my series of posts about my first solo show at the Seattle Municipal Tower’s Ethnic Heritage Art Gallery located at 700 5th Ave in downtown Seattle, Washington. The show […]

via Solo Show Seattle Municipal Tower, Part III — tierneycreates

Solo Show Seattle Municipal Tower, Part III — tierneycreates

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Scraps For Birds


It is nesting season here.  Lots of birds looking to build and fill their nests.  Maybe a squirrel or two, if it’s the one that ate the chocolate out of my grandson’s hidden plastic egg, maybe I won’t share with you.

This is tiny scraps of cotton and silk fabric and cotton thread.  It goes out in the garden in an extra bird feeder and the birds use it as filler in their nests. It amuses me to think of the birds asking one another who their decorators are to have that lovely purple added to the nest.



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Day After Breakfast

What to do when the refrigerator is filled with hard-boiled eggs and left over ham.  Put it on a plate in an appetizing  way and add mock Hollandaise sauce.  I sliced some eggs and ham and warmed them up in the micro.  For the sauce, its one spoonful of mayonnaise and the same of sour cream and a little lemon juice, heat and spoon over food.  A small dash of paprika for color and flavor.  I left out any bread or English Muffin to keep the calories down.  Delicious and quick. The other picture is from a card I made and then used a photo app to add texture and background.




A few Easter quilts from the Quiltfest in Pigeon Forge this past March.

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Drunkards Path II

With more than 600 quilts on display in the Mountain Quiltfest 2019, I still have a ton of beautiful quilts to show you.  This is from that same group requirement with the drunkards path block.

It almost defies logic that the same block makes up these 2.

The same blocks with variations.  Amazing.

These have added a very modern twist.  It almost defies logic.

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Drunkards Path

The drunkards path is a quilt block that has been around for a very long time. It looks a bit like a square that had a bite taken out of one corner and replaced with another color fabric. While not extremely complicated, it takes a certain skill set to make so it lays flat. This was the theme for the quilt show, to create a quilt with this block. The results are amazing.


This just a few of the variations, many more to follow.

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I Need A Little Help

summer job 5

These are some of the hardest words to say for me as well as many people I know.  I don’t always know that I need a little help, I know I am very bad at asking for it and right now I am not sure what that help would look like.

Many of us here like to  think of ourselves as writers, more of us can’t even put our names in that sentence, big sigh, well here goes.  I am trying to write a murder mystery style book and can’t figure out how I want to have someone die.  I want  my main character to be around when they find the body to help solve the murder as an amateur sleuth, but not to be too closely involved.  My setting is current time in a big city.  Should be easy, right.

I guess this is a bigger ask than I originally thought, but if anyone wants to share a crazy idea, I would appreciate it.  I do think I will go back to the board game and see who committed the crime in the library with a candlestick.