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Save Water

The sign in the summer house said, “Save Water, Bathe With A Friend.”  This was some 40 years ago and I can’t imagine where my totally uncool and un-hip parents got it.  Let alone had the nerve to put it up for display on the bathroom wall. The “summer house” was a  4 bed, 1 bath old farm house in the middle of no where farm fields, about  90 miles north of nothing, Perhaps spending so much time in the middle of all that nature they developed a new set of rules for survival other than we had in the city.  I don’t recall the sharing of bath water with anyone while there, but the sign seems very relevant now in the era of conserving our resources.


On some show I recently watched, the person shared their method of conservation and it is in teaching the children what to do.  Like turning off the water while brushing your teeth.  It just seems so logical to teach them that from the time they are first learning to brush their teeth and it then becomes a lifelong good habit.

This caused me to reflect on what I could do and the answers don’t have to be dramatic, just practical. A simple one I will now do is when an ice cube falls on the floor, don’t put it in the sink to melt, put it in the dog or cat’s water dish or in a houseplant to melt. I can do this.