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Wawel Royal Castle


This castle is in Krakow Poland within walking distance of the city center.  The castle is open year round with longer hours during the summer season.  It is broken up into specific areas to visit among the permanent  exhibits, it also has various temporary  exhibits throughout the year.

We had a beautiful sunny, summer day to visit and while busy, it’s still a huge castle and never felt overly crowded at any point.  We did pay to see some of the permanent exhibits but were not allowed to photograph inside.  Many of the rooms used during the time it was in use have the beautiful tapestries and paintings everywhere you can see. This is one of the largest castles in Poland and stands high on a hill overlooking the city and has it’s own set of myths and stories like many do.

We walked through a massive courtyard to enter the public rooms to view the artwork within the castle.  A church which is part of the castle is not part of the touring area but is open for mass.

The grounds are beautifully landscaped and were very pleasant to walk through.  One of the tall turrets was also open to walk up to the top and offered stunning views of both the city and the castle.  My favorite is the first picture which was taken from the top of this with my cell phone camera.

Lots to see, something for travelers of all ages and well worth the price of admission.  There is a small concession stand where you can purchase some food and have your lunch within the walls of the castle.  Just looked quickly into the concession stand so not sure what is there.  We easily spent several hours there the day we visited.  Another place we totally enjoyed and will put this on the list for a revisit in the near future.


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