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Challenge #2

This sounded like a quick challenge.  Take the saying “Mirror, mirror on the…”.  Now we need to create new endings for this phrase.


Mirror, mirror on the door sees each person as a dinosaur.   I have this image in my mind of a person standing before a mirror and they see  a little plastic green dinosaur.  Giggles.

Mirror, mirror on the desk makes us all look statuesque. This comes from my being a short. I am buying that mirror from the side show that will make me look tall.

Mirror, mirror on the shelf shows us how we look to ourselves. This is that mirror that will shine that light back onto you.  It shows us all good and bad what is under the mask or the makeup or the wig or the clothes.  Not always easy to look at, but necessary.

Mirror, mirror on the automobile lets us look into what is real. Kind of the same as the previous mirror but with subtitles to include truth in what we say.

Mirror, mirror on the driveway becomes an interplanetary  passageway.  Just like out of a Harry Potter book, this mirror lets us walk through to Venus or whatever planet we invent.

Mirror, mirror on the refrigerator makes me look like an alligator. Pretty much like the first one except here it’s a cute little green alligator looking back.

Mirror, mirror on the wall takes me back to Montreal.  Not a mirror as a passageway but shows my last fun trip to that city.  I like this, now I don’t need to take photos wherever I go, just call it up on the mirror.

Mirror, mirror on the lawn is a beautiful reflection of the dawn.  My favorite part of the day, I love to see the sun come up.  Now I just lay down on the lawn and I can see this mornings sunrise and still sleep in.  Bonus.


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