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Challenge #5

summer job 2

This challenge series stems from a small group who are sharing their responses to a large series of random questions, with the aim of trying to respond to at least one challenge per week.


You have been given a million dollars to donate or share.  Where would your donation go and why?

My donation list has changed over the years.  Many of us have talked about what to do when you win the lottery so this has been a conversation for a long time.

I am a firm believer that charity begins at home, and I have family members who can use a hand.  I would first buy two small  houses for me, one winter and one summer house.  I would offer my children to pay off their houses or to sell and buy new ones.

Next, I would pay off any student debt for any of my grandchildren who have it and set up college funds for those who are not yet ready for college.

At one point, I thought I would set up a small theater company with a theater of their own.  This way they could put on a few productions a year and sustain the building by renting out theater and rehearsal space.  I’m not sure if I would want to do that anymore.

I would invest some money to sustain the amount designated for donations.  More than likely I would make a lot of small, $500.00, donations to a large variety of people.  No charity would get the bulk of the money.  I have become more cynical over the years and don’t trust charities or a bank to fairly distribute money.

The sad part is that many organizations have earned bad reputations.  In some cases it is poor choices by a board of directors and in some cases it is one individual who lost sight of the goals of the organization and take a side step in life.

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Berlin Wall

Thirty years after the wall came down I had the delight to visit earlier this year.  I have no comparison since this was my first time in Berlin.  I did have the iconic photo opportunity and stood in front of the wall.  Here are just a few of the photos taken in Berlin this summer.


Only a relatively small portion of the wall still stands in its original position.

View from the B & B where we stayed in the outskirts of Berlin,  Just beautiful.  Next are 2 views of a very bombed out church that is preserved showing the damage and has very modern structure around it.

Brandenburg Gate.

Street sign and an Irish Pub in Berlin.

More from Berlin.

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Challenge #4

Have you ever taken a walk on the wild side?  What was it like?  This challenge series stems from a small group who are sharing their response to a large series of questions, with the aim of tying to complete at least one challenge per week.

My wild side.

I am not sure I even know what the “wild” side is.  I am a firm believer that it is different for everyone.  Some of the things I consider normal others tell me they are wild.  This is like living my life on a daily basis, something or someone is always wild.

alaska summer

I never thought it was unusual to go to a movie by myself, or to dinner alone or to another country.  Probably one of my best trips, very spur of the moment, a friend talked me into going to Guatemala for a day.  No planning, no suitcase and no one going with me.  A quick trip to the ATM for a little cash.  Go to the hotel the flight crew is staying in since they had been there before.  In the morning finding a market to buy something to wear that day.  Back at the hotel checking in with the front desk about a quick tour of  the town. It was just after a volcano had erupted and there was ash everywhere, but a beautiful country and truly a fun trip.  That was my first international, by myself, but I have done it since then and certainly will do it again.

Is it wild to move to another city where I knew no one, three times so far has proven to be a good thing for me. I had visited the cities at least once before the move.  This has taught me a resilience I was not aware that I had.  It has shown me ways to reach out to people and create a new tribe and follow new paths.

USA, Arizona, Tucson, Saguaro National Park
USA, Arizona, Tucson, Saguaro giant Cacti (Carnegiea gigantea) in Saguaro National Park at sunset

There are a ton of crafts that I have taught myself, mostly trial and error.  Nothing like looking online for directions at some point, so you jump in and try.  I have no idea how many things I was able to pick up by myself.  Some are things that I have gone on to teach to others.  Wild or not.

About the only things I truly think are “wild” are things in nature.  I am always off to my next adventure.

What do you think is wild?