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Challenge #7

This challenge comes from a small group.  We have a series of questions and the object is to answer one of the questions  every week and share it with the others.


Have you ever had a bad injury or accident?  How did you recover, and does it still affect you today?

I have never written all of this down before, I lived it and talked about it, but this is my first time writing about it.

My Big Accident

Just a little over 34 years ago, wow has it been that long, I had a minor accident on my way to work.  I was stopped at a light and was rear ended by another vehicle.  No, and I mean absolutely 0 damage, to my vehicle.  Her car pushed mine into the middle of the intersection.  I was driving a stick and can’t remember if it was in gear.  We got out and exchanged information.  The twenty minutes it took to drive to my job and now I was in pain and had a massive headache.

Work was right across the street from the Police Station in this small town and many of them came in and out all day.  I talked to the first one and he said go back to the town where it happened and report it to the police.  I did that on my way home.

For the next couple of days I was still in pain and a couple of friends recommended a doctor for me to go see.  I made an appointment and  went.  He tried to figure what was happening and we went through  a variety of tests and therapy none of which indicated anything was wrong.  I was still in constant pain and it kept getting worse, nothing helped.  So I was hospitalized and he tried using weights to pull things back into alignment, but no help.

A month later, 6 months after the accident, I told the doctor I couldn’t take this anymore and he needed to do something.  He put me back in the hospital and had a gifted neurosurgeon see me in the hospital.  He looked at my records and ordered a few tests. No new information.  Then requested a difficult test, fluid drawn from my spine and a dye injected. While I was on a table where my feet were elevated so the dye went up my spine so they could track it.  Eureka, we have an answer.

I had a horrible reaction to the dye, and could not move for days, but it clearly showed that a disc was damaged in my neck.  In every previous test the disc break was clean and it simply laid back and was not visible in any other test.  Now surgery to repair this damage.  A piece of bone was removed from my hip and replaced the disc.


I was off work for a full year after the surgery, no therapy was necessary I simply had to wait for my body to heal.  A couple of months later I asked for a divorce, I had lost my job, I had 2 new scars and was home for months with my children.  Nine months later the divorce was final, my life had totally changed.

I learned after the fact that my ex had been telling my doctor that I was faking it.  He had lost his job 4 months before my accident because he kept lying to his boss about work.  I now know he was also lying to me and about me to everyone.  I  learned he had been having an affair with someone from work and the whole office knew about it.  So this was a time of much discovery.

Today my scars have faded, I still think my ex was a colossal moron.  He still keeps trying to insert himself in my life and tries to do things that will anger me.  Writing this has been very cathartic, to share with the world a few things that only a few friends have ever known. The ex, I hope he crawls back under whatever rock he came out of.  The body, absolutely no residual to my neck from the surgery, only 2 scars that have faded and I barely see them anymore.

The good doctor said in a sweet joking way, don’t worry about the scar on your neck, it will eventually blend in with the wrinkles.  Just writing that puts a smile on my face because that is exactly what happened.

Thanks to all who read this for the therapy session.


6 thoughts on “Challenge #7

  1. Quite a story Kathy. I’m glad all of your issues were fixed, particularly the Ex (sounds a bit narcissistic to me, you can’t win with that sort of person). I bet you are glad he’s out of the picture.


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