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Holiday Breakfast

Do you have a small or elderly person in your house who does not always eat as well as they should.  I just thought of an easy way to make breakfast festive.  This can be used for all kinds of holidays, all year long.

A healthy bowl of oatmeal or other warm cereal with fruit, in my book is delicious, but how to convince a 5 year old.  A simple sprinkle of just a tiny bit of colored sugar.  And I mean tiny, this had about 20 red and 20 green sprinkles. (Maybe 30.)


Suddenly, I see little red hearts near Valentine’s Day.  Then pastel flowers and sugar as we are approaching Easter.  I would probably only do a small amount of the black sugars near Halloween.  This could be a good thing gone bad.

On this snowy day here, what a fun treat to start my day.  Have a good one.

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