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Welcome 2020

I wish you all a Happy New Year.  I know it sounds silly, but I am glad I made it to 2020, as this year came closer to my reality, I just thought maybe because of the number like 2000, lets pray for this to be a great year.  I will turn 74 this year and I hope to add at least one new country to my passport.  I looked up a quote to share for this day and this is the one that hit me most.


“Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.”   Robin Sharma

Because I am quickly approaching 75, this kind of hit me between the eyes.  What new things do I need to look at, other than getting older to adjust in my life.  On Robin’s FaceBook page he had some new year suggestions, less of one thing and more of another and I thought that’s good, replace a bad habit with a good one. So I am trying for 20 in honor of 2020.

    1. Less busy work.                                        More quilting.
    2. Less swearing.                                          More quilting.
    3. Less coffee.                                                More quilting.
    4. Less silly spending of money.                More quilting.
    5. Less gossip.                                                More quilting.
    6. Less salt.                                                     More quilting.
    7. Less licking the spoon.                            More quilting.
    8. Less using phone or tablet in bed.        More quilting.
    9. Less chocolate.                                     More dark chocolate.
    10. Less fizzy drinks.                                      More quilting.
    11. Less judging people.                                 More quilting.
    12. Less red meat.                                           More quilting.
    13. Less mindless TV.                                     More quilting.
    14. Less sitting at home.                                More quilting.
    15. Less passing by flowers.                         More quilting.
    16. Less toxic people.                                     More quilting.
    17. Less trying for perfection.                      More quilting.
    18. Less multitasking.                                    More quilting.
    19. Less negative people.                              More quilting.
    20. Less showing up late.                              More quilting.

While I personally do not have all of these bad habits, I think some of them would be easy to fall into.  I really think a short version of this list, maybe 3 habits that you want to change for good habits would be more realistic for me to accomplish.  Now to decide if my first quilt of the year will be traditional or modern.



8 thoughts on “Welcome 2020

  1. I normally don’t make resolutions, but this year I feel a need to TAKE TIME to reach out to folks who cannot get out and about. My resolution for 2020 is to weekly focus my good thoughts, energies, and prayers on one specific person who I feel needs that focus and to include sending a card (probably a homemade card) to that person.


    1. How delightful to reach out to others. I love this idea and may have to steal at least part of it for myself. I hope 2020 finds you healthy and productive and calm. I already know you are kind and loving with your hopes for this next year. Till we meet again, I wish you joy.


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