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Maple Walnut Bon-bons

I  read another blog about this wonderful treat and it sounded so delicious I had to make these.  Sandra McCall, Sugar Free Maple Walnut Bon-bons blog on December 1, 2019.  If I knew how to link to her blog, I would do that, but that is nothing I have ever done on the blog.


I did a slight variation on these and made them with 3 different coatings.  The taste of the filling is light and creamy, a very delicate flavor and it was hard to not just eat them all without the chocolate coating.

I first did the batch with dark chocolate, my family and I love dark chocolate and that was what I had in the pantry.  The dark chocolate coating proved to be overpowering the flavor.  Next I did the white and milk chocolate covered and really loved these, yes both of them.

Feeling the after holiday glow, a glass of egg-nog and these wonderful candies.




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