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Challenge #11 Be Someone Else

This challenge comes from a small writing group.  We have a large series of random questions that we answer and share.  The goal is to answer at least one per week.

Question:  Have you ever pretended to be someone else?  Would you?

On Being Someone Else.

Yes, but not  for my personal amusement.  I once worked for a small company that marketed and sold a very specific item.  Part of my job was calling prospective customers and since they wanted to see what was the direct result of our prospecting, I used a pseudonym.  This way any respondents ask for a specific person who was never in the office and I would take a message for her. She would return the call after a while and assist the customers.


This system worked pretty effectively for that company and they expanded to use the fake name for another person.  We thought of this originally because of some junk mail that came with an obvious fake name and we thought if it works for them, let’s try it.

We have all heard about men and women using a fake name when meeting people in a bar.  I had a friend who would create a story and a name and used that  almost every time she went out.  I never could do that, mix alcohol into that environment and I doubt I could remember anything but my own name.

I only knew one person who could effectively do that, but  I guess there are valid reasons to want to protect your identity.  Now I am much too old for that to be a factor in my life, meeting people in bars that is.

4 thoughts on “Challenge #11 Be Someone Else

  1. Thanks. These questions are turning out to be quite interesting. This is a group from a small college in the area and I have no idea where the questions came from, but it does a good job of pushing my writing in lots of different directions. Not staying with comfortable subjects can really be a challenge.


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