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Field Museum Again

This is from my most recent trip to the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, IL.  I grew up in Chicago and have been going to this museum since I was a small child and I still find new things on each visit.  What a great way they have of keeping it vital and different, not just the temporary exhibits change, but they constantly reevaluate the permanent displays and rework or repair or replace as necessary.

The temporary exhibit on bugs had a live demonstration while we were there and grandma was the only one brave enough to put out her hand and have the millipede in her hand.  My big (they are 22 and 14 and both taller than I am) grandson’s passed on this choice.

One of the other things we were amazed at were the dioramas that were very old, but absolute perfection.  It really was interesting to see these throughout the museum.

The new dino on display, the panda and items from Tibet were also hits.  Make sure you add this to your list when you visit Chicago next.

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