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Challenge# 17 Just The Facts

This challenge is from a small writing group.  We have a large series of questions and the challenge is to select one and write about while sharing it.  A second goal is to complete one each week.


List five facts about yourself that most people don’t know.

What you don’t know could hurt you?

I am a pretty private person but will talk to complete strangers for hours and we may not ever exchange names and certainly not phone numbers.  So you want me to share with the universe my secrets??  Much of my secret life will always remain a secret, I am just a big fan of not fixing whatever is not broken.  Some of these things I will share my children already are aware of.  They just think these are a part of my DNA and tune out when I speak about any of them.


I have been in love with Bing Crosby all my life.  As a very small child my  mom became very upset because I broke a record of hers by him,  and she stayed angry about that for years.  It must have impressed upon me that he was something very special.  I did watch and still do watch his movies whenever I have the opportunity.  Who doesn’t love “White Christmas” in the middle of July.

As an 11 or 12 year old I hung out a lot at the neighborhood settlement house.  This was a social meeting place a few blocks from my house where they offered a variety of opportunities.  It is where I went for Girl Scout meetings.  I also signed up for and took Fencing lessons.  For almost 6 months I learned all things fencing.

I very much enjoy concerts, any kind almost that you can think of.  My first was a piano concerto at the Symphony Hall and I truly loved it.  It is one thing that I almost always say yes to.  Over the years I have literally been to hundreds and already have tickets for my next two.

I also enjoy watching parades, again all sorts and sizes.  I was recently walking in the neighborhood where I grew up and as I walked past these 2 houses my first thought was this is where we stood to watch the parade one block away from my house.  I have crossed a couple of bucket list parades off my list, Macy’s Christmas and the Rose Bowl Parade.  Both were big checks on my bucket list.  I have only seen three in other countries and only one was specifically planed for.

I love almost every vegetable except peas.  I love to eat and make split peas soup, I love all varieties of beans and bean soup.  As a kid I enjoyed shucking peas while sitting on the front porch with my aunt, I are them because I had to.  Now that I’m an adult I don’t add them and avoid at all cost.

The rest of my mysteries will just have to stay hidden.


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