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Soup For One

Every so often I have a food craving that only I am interested in.  I often cook in quantities larger than one person can eat at a single serving, I also love leftovers and soups or stews or one pot meals.  Some of this takes a bit of advance preparation, but none of this was done with a pot of soup in mind.


A week or so ago I had a small quantity of heirloom tomatoes left and I was concerned they would go bad before I could eat them.  So I had something else cooking in the oven, I put the cherry tomatoes on a lined baking sheet a little oil and salt and pepper and roasted them for about 45 minutes.  Popped them into a container and into the freezer.

A few weeks earlier I had purchased a rotisserie chicken and took it apart for several meals from one chicken.  It was soup, hot chicken salad and risotto as well as a couple of chicken sandwiches.  So the little bits and pieces were in a container in the freezer, waiting for their opportunity.

Many years ago I heard about a way of having a “free” vegetable soup in your freezer all the time.  The secret is have a container that you toss in any leftover veggies that are not enough for a full serving, corn, green beans, cauliflower, peas or whatever.  When the container is full add it to a pot of broth and you have soup with a large variety of vegetables.

Tonight’s soup was a little of this.  The leftover chicken was put in a small pot with a bit of broth, the roasted tomatoes were added plus a handful of spinach from the refrigerator.  I added a bit of seasoning, mainly parsley and paprika and some leftover spaghetti noodles.  All warmed together in the pot it was about 15 minutes of cooking.

This was not a mindful combination, I knew the chicken and tomatoes would be used in something.  As I was looking for the leftover pasta I spied the spinach and grabbed it to add.  One of the best pots of soup in a while and dinner took less than a half hour to prepare.  I added a salad to my meal and loved my quick weeknight serving.

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