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Challenge #23 The Sounds of Winter

This challenge comes from a small writing group.  We have a large series of random questions that we answer and share. The goal is to answer at least one question per week. (This takes me back to school in a writing class where you have an assigned topic to write about and some weeks becomes very challenging but fun.)


Describe ten sounds that you associate with winter.

The Sounds of Winter


Most of my life I have lived in a place that truly has four seasons and all of them pretty much follow the changes on the calendar.  It’s April as I am writing this and grass has started turning green, crocus are blooming and the tulips are showing the start of flowering.  Since we have just pretty much finished with winter I thought this would be a good time to talk about it.

My sounds associated with winter will be different from many others.  In a more tropical climate it might be the time when migratory birds start to appear in your area, so your winter sounds could be the new birds in your area.  It also may be the time the repair person checks on your swimming pool mechanical parts to get ready for the swimming season.

That said, I have always enjoyed winter.  Perhaps because it will be here if I like it or not so maybe it is easier to find things to enjoy about the cold and snow. So here are the first ten sounds I associate with winter.

  1. The snow blower clearing the driveway.
  2. A shovel scraping on the sidewalk.
  3. Ice skates as you go around the rink.
  4. Scraping ice off my windshield.
  5. A crackling fire in the fireplace.
  6. My footsteps crunch on fresh snow.
  7. The furnace kicking in.
  8. The sound of a cold car engine trying to start.
  9. Sleet or ice pellets hitting a window.
  10. A tree branch cracking under the weight of the snow.

Have a great springtime and summer.

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