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Walking Near Wicker Park

Sometimes on those days when you can’t go to a store or work or a restaurant, maybe the best thing to do is go for a long walk.  The Wicker Park neighborhood in Chicago is on the near North side, next to Bucktown and East Village and a very popular place to be.

Built in 1878.

This area is named for an actual park that lies with the geographical boundaries as are a number of neighborhoods in Chicago. When the city was incorporated in 1833 some of the area was included in the original boundaries. The Wicker brothers, Charles and Joel came to Chicago from New England in the early 1800’s. They were merchants and land developers who purchased a number of pieces of land in this area.

Variety of two flats on the block.

The actual park was established in 1868, a 4.3 acre triangle of land that has been changing and evolving ever since. It is not know if either of the brothers ever lived in the actual area named after them.   The homes I photographed here are all on just one street, Hoyne Av., the area is much larger and this in fact was pretty much on one block,   It’s a delightful area to walk in and just appreciate the beautiful architecture and marvel at the preservation.


So beautiful.

Many of these homes were designed as single family homes but were on  two or three city lots and have beautiful gardens surrounding  them as well.  This is simply one street among the many in the Wicker Park area and that only one of the many neighborhoods of Chicago.  Consider a walking tour of one area the next time you are able to visit this beautiful city.





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