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Making Dalgona Coffee

The whole concept of being in a house with people you know and love and are related to for an endless unknown amount of time causes me to sweat.  I am a fan of Big Brother, the reality show, but never in a million years did I ever think I would be living under these circumstances.  We all have way to much time on our hands since we have stopped taking showers so often and stopped changing clothes every day.  It somehow seems normal to wear the same sweatshirt and sweatpants we have worn for the last 3 days because these are my daytime pj’s.

The other thing that seems normal is cooking things we have not made in 27 years because we think of comfort food.  Or, we jump into trying something new because we have seen it on the internet. Right now this is what I have done.  We have all seen the  videos of making this great coffee, it’s all the rage in Korea now.


The simple ingredients may even be in your pantry right now.  2 Tablespoons of instant coffee, 2 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of hot water.  Mix the dry ingredients together in a bowl and then add the water that is hot enough to dissolve the sugar and coffee.  Next using a whisk or a hand mixer start mixing this until it is foamy like whipped cream.

Side note:  If you don’t have instant coffee at home and it’s not time for your once a month store run, the internet shows us how to do this.  Just put your already ground coffee into the coffee grinder and grind it even more.  I guess this means instant is just extremely fine ground coffee.

Take a coffee cup and fill it half way or three quarters full of milk and ice if you want a cold drink.  Hot milk if you want a hot drink.  Now add 2 or 3 heaping spoons full of  the coffee/sugar mixture and stir into the milk.  It looks and feels like a designer coffee from a well-known coffee house.  Tastes amazingly delicious. And I got to say “Nailed it.”

This was a pleasant surprise and it truly tasted great.  I used a bit less coffee and the next one I make I will use decaf and sugar substitute, maybe not 2 full tablespoons, because the substitutes are very sweet. The whipping adds a great deal of volume so I created more froth than I needed and I simply spooned it into a jar with a twist off lid and put it into the fridge to use the next day. This also worked out.

The second day there was a small amount of syrupy  coffee in the jar which I simply poured into my cup after I spooned the more solid leftovers.  Nice to know that I can store this overnight and not have to work hard in the morning for the delicious drink.



Made the coffee again using decaf coffee and artificial sweetener and the only difference I noted was that the color was a tiny bit darker.  Tasted just as delicious and certainly way cheaper than a trip to the coffee house.  Certainly gives me that whipped latte feeling at home with no special equipment.  WIN, win.



Just because they made me smile.

2 thoughts on “Making Dalgona Coffee

  1. The flowers closing out the post are lovely! The coffee sounds interesting, too bad I am like the one non coffee drinker that I know – ha! Otherwise it would be fun to try it!


    1. Thank you. I know, coffee is one of those things, you are in that camp or not. I have always switched between coffee and tea so some days one or the other wins. I may have to play with frothing tea because it’s the texture as much as the taste. New challenge accepted. ❤

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