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Challenge #29 Limerick

This challenge comes from a small writing group.  We have a large series of random questions that we answer and share.  The goal is to answer at least one per week.


Write a limerick about a vampire.

A limerick about a vampire is a fun, fluff sort of project.  A limerick is often a humorous form of a poem following a strict rhyme scheme, the first, second and fifth lines rhyme, the third and fourth lines are shorter and have a different rhyme. It is also a county in Ireland and unknown as to which came first.  Limericks first appeared by many records, early in the 18th century.

Edward Lear is credited for popularizing the limerick in the early 19th century.  One of his books was made up entirely of limericks,  Ogden Nash is also associated with limericks among the vast amount of short poems he created.  Limericks are also quite famous for being funny and frequently rude or off color.

What a vampire and I have in common.


  • There was an old vampire from Greece,
  • Who had not eaten since he was deceased.
  • He was up all one night,
  • Looking for someone to bite.
  • He found some feta and ate all he pleased.


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