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Sweet Potatoes – 99 Words

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We only look for sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving. They are dripping with butter and brown sugar, I try to ease it a bit with pineapple chunks, then we drown everything in marshmallos. I do love to eat this knowing it will come around next year.

With half as many people last year I made twice as much food. I have gained a lot of weight and what does my dieters group suggest. Sweet Potatoes.

So my current schedule is to add potatoes to every meal. That should really help my weight loss journey. Once Covid leaves I will start.

6 thoughts on “Sweet Potatoes – 99 Words

  1. Your story is funny, Kathy! When we went into this pandemic, I was determined to go out with everything I loved in my pantry as if each meal were our last. I need to pull back to sweet potatoes. 😉


  2. I can’t say I love sweet potatoes, but I’m seeing so many new ways of eating them with this week’s prompt. This isn’t the first post where I’ve seen marshmallows put on sweet potato. Interesting!


    1. I agree, we know the first few versions of Thanksgiving did not have marshmallows, it took a few years to invent them. Seriously it may have been a mom trying to get the family to eat their veggies. Thanks for your comment.

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