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Rant – A Little

I am an almost 75 year old great-grandmother. Pretty much out of shape and no longer much of an agitator, try to mind my own business.

About 10 days ago I went to a chain for a haircut. I had last gotten it cut in March and it really needed a trim. The cut in March from the same chain but different location was one of the best in a long time. Just needed it trimmed following the prior cut.

I came out with Sally Field a la Steel Magnolias helmet head. Sort of like the picture below.

Helmet Hair

I went out of town for a week after her first time cutting and was not able to come back in with 7 days. Not one person noticed the length or style of my hair which should have been very different for me.

Today I went back and never asked for a free cut. I did ask her if she could follow my request for the cut. At the end of the first cut she did say it needed to be washed and product added. I told her that was a BS answer and could not cover up a bad cut.

She then decided to not cut my hair at all today,

Next person listened and I left with an adequate hair cut. To guess that I have had over 300 hair cuts in my life is probably an understatement. I do know my hair. Rant over. I did also write corporate and expect nothing.

She did say she spoke to the owner and they were going to ban me forever. I think I may need to set up a 1 person picket line in their parking lot.

Ha. I found my sign.

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