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My Olympics – Part 1

I fully remember as a child watching the news about the Olympics and rembering how my whole family was interested. I grew up with 4 brothers and 1 sister and a mom who was always interested in athletes. My dad also was a big sports fan and played sports before he had 6 kids. The Olympics was always revered as having the best of the best.

I also remember that a children’s foot race at the company picnic if one of us won he was very proud. He took us ice skating or to football games and mom took us to the beach and baseball games. If there was a unique sporting event, we were there. ( Can’t remember what it was called, but some international sporting event nearby. We had tickets to attend even if he couldn’t. )

I also grew up in a sport crazed city, Chicago, and we watched everything. I wish I knew all the sports he did as a young man. My mom chided him a bit about how he kept his sport appetite and not the physique. They met while roller skating.

All this said, I love the Olympics and all that surrounds it. From archery to wrestling I will watch the Olympics games. I also have been fortunate enough to attend a summer Olympics and a winter Olympics. Also still hope that I might get another one in while I can still move and enjoy it. If you ever have the opportunity, don’t think twice, just say Yes and find some part of the program to love and enjoy. Maybe it’s the free events that are not really Olympic events or maybe it’s the free portion of actual events. The marathon usually begins and ends in a stadium requiring tickets. Most of that event will be run on city streets with spectators lining many portions of it, with no ticket required. Bike racing is done on the streets, like the Tour De France, find out the route and feel the joy as they speed past in seconds. Some aspects of the winter sports are also done on more open track settings.

One of the event tickets saved

Summer Olympics have way more events in lots of locations and tickets are slightly lower priced as a result but just as intense. Some of the water events not done in a pool will have places across the river/lake from the stands that you may be able to watch a portion of the race as well. So it is possible to have a lower budget and not break the bank on your tickets.

I have had friends get a bit whiney about a TV show being pre-empted during the games. A couple who this year have said “It’s just not the same without fans. ” Duh. I however am thoroughly enjoying everything.

Sorry this is a bit of a ramble and too many topics at once but I am busy watching TV. This year’s Olympics have brought joy, sorrow and all the feelings in between and I am loving every day.

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