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My Olympics – Part 2

My intention was not to stretch this out but I got very distracted by the current Olympic programing. The unusual hours from the other side of the world and my obsession with all things Olympic.

Ticket from the Winter Olympics I attended.

The outside media drama is a bit frustrating for me this year, reporters trying to one up everyone else should be a sporting event where we award the medals. One aspect being reported is the true friendships between athletes. The two gentlemen from different countries who competed in the high jump. At one point they were tied and an official came up and gave them an option of having a jump-off to see who would win the gold medal. They chose to keep it a tie and they each received a medal.

While running a race one athlete accidentally tripped the runner in front of him. They both fell on the track in a heap. The front runner at that position was going to medal. They helped each other up and finished the rest of the race together coming in the last two. The one who did the tripping waited for the other to cross the finish line first. That is the sense of competition we don’t hear about enough.

I am happy to admit this years Olympics did not disappoint me. I am still glued to the TV for the end of this, then happily waiting for the Winter Olympics.