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Thursday Doors – One Block #4

These are the three level apartment buildings on the same block and all about the same age in terms of building. While there is not a lot of variation each seems to have it’s own personality. Some of that is presented in the different colors and styles of doors.

This was really a delightful journey that I took in this series. I walked this block to school for all 8 years of elementary school. In the middle of the block was a small candy store that also sold some school supplies. I was sure to stop if I had a quarter to spend and would stop after school for some candy. Sadly the building with the store was no longer there, it has been replaced by a newer house.

Also noticed the yellow and blue lights in support of the people of Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦.

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Thursday Doors – One Block #3

In some of the Chicago neighborhoods the 2 story homes are called cottages. Typically it was a single family home. All of these have the 1st floor of the home partially below street level. The drains into the sewer system in this area is excellent which allows people to live below street level with no problems.

Didn’t mean to capture someone going home. Sorry sir.

The first 2 homes have exterior stairs added to the separate entrance of these homes. The third picture shows the entrance below street level and looks like a single family home.

This final cottage home on a raised street has 3 mailboxes so I am not sure how they divided it. From the exterior it looks like 2 apartments but it must be hiding something. I may have to go back and take a second look. #thursdaydoors

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Thursday Doors – One Block #2

All these homes are from one block in the city and are the older or original homes, my favorite type. Nothing against the newer ones and I will post those one day.

This first was the only grey-stone on the block, while you find many scattered throughout the city this was the only one here. That tells me it may have been built at a different time and/or by a builder from another part of town. Perhaps the original owner saw a home and wanted it duplicated. But it certainly stands alone on this block.

Love all the ornate details.

Two at the opposite end from the grey-stone that look like they were originally small stores or shops of some type. #thursdaydoors

One more that looks like it may have lived another life. A small grocery or candy store or perhaps the local tavern now converted.

Love the brick work.
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Thursday Doors – One Block #1

While this title may not make sense, I hope it will eventually. These photos were all taken from just one city block. I only took the old homes as many houses were already replaced on this block.

There is a secondary attribute which is incredibly interesting to me. This is one of the streets in the city that was raised to make it level with surroundings. Many of the homes first level is below the level of the sidewalk by several feet. Many of the new homes built here have leveled off to the sidewalk and that is not as interesting to me.

This house is a good example of just how much the street was raised.

Street level is a good five feet above it. At one point some of these homes had storage sheds under the sidewalk. The city eliminated that as a major hazzard.

Blue and yellow lights for Ukraine. 1/2 flight of stairs below street.
Look up to first floor of this home.

I will be sharing more of this block. These are just the first three. I am not sure if I like the doors as much as the unique elements of the homes. I hope you enjoy.

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My Oscar Buddy

I have a good friend who has been in regional theater and some TV shows over the years. We had a tradition of watching the Oscars together apart. I was at my home and she at hers. We spoke over the phone during commercials only. I was not the only person she was having conversations with. Other actors, friends and family all were a part of Oscar night.

Currently she is in a long term health care facility due to the trauma of a debilitating disease. Sadly we are no longer able to hold the same kinds of conversations.

The first thing I wanted to do after “the slap heard ’round the world” was talk to her on the phone. So I’m not sure if I am saddened by her disease or the disease of mankind.

One is a physical onslaught of a body and mind and we have no control. The other is a closing of a mind with intent and purpose. It’s a disbelief of what we all saw together that it was not real. I don’t want to play armchair psychology, but many people are. My decision is to let things marinate and come together naturally and the truth will emerge from the mud.

This shift in society is difficult to watch and I am getting into a much too heavy subject. I miss my friend and I am sad for us. She probably was not even watching TV this week