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Thursday Doors – My House

Part of what I am looking at with doors are houses similar to the one I grew up in. It has been torn down and replaced with a true McMansion now on 2 city lots with it’s own basketball court indoor and outdoors.

What I am presenting to you today are some of the “cottage” style homes that have some of the same attributes as my childhood home. Since I dabble in a couple other forms of art I have wanted to do a painting just for me. My home will be a compilation of the door from one, the roof line of another and so on. This will only be in my faded memory since I have not yet found adequate photos , but I can still smell the flowers that grew there.


2 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – My House

  1. These are lovely homes (and very nice doors). It’s funny what we can remember from our childhood, and what we can’t. I love the details worked into the brick and the stone elements around the doors and windows.


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