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99 Words – Swarm For Bees

Carrot Ranch weekly challenge is to write this in 99 words. Based on this weeks prompt of – swarm.

Photo by Piotr Wojnowski on

When 2,000 people show up to protest or support that could be considered a swarm. Like bees swarm and move out of a hive when it is no longer safe maybe people need to do more swarming.

In the 60’s and 70’s protests were everywhere. I only attended one and it was pretty harmless for ZPG. Never have I seen a swarm of bees but maybe they need us to swarm now for them. Let’s plan a human swarm to protect bees habitat. Okay who’s with me lets swarm a parking lot and cover it with bee friendly flowers.

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It’s The Birthday Post

I have chosen to keep it at Kathy70 for the blog name and not update every year, when I started this journey I was 70 and very excited about living in Alaska for 6 months. This year I will be 76 and still not changing the blog name. I am excited about being 76 and have threatened to sing “76 Trombones” every chance I get all day long. (Little to none are the chances of that.)

Not much has changed in my universe, I’m still retired, I still live in the midwest and I have added a couple of cities to my travel. Since the world closed I have not been out of the country since 2019 and am itching to go. So we have a war going on, price of everything through the roof and not enough pilots to run all flights scheduled. (Wah wah in the background.)

I love celebrating my birthday in a casual way. I do celebrate every year not just the biggies because I am grateful just to be here. Out to lunch with friends, coffee break with an overpriced cuppa, or the family going to a hot dog place to eat. Maybe in a couple years when I hit the next milestone year we will do it up bigger. So Happy Birthday to me.

Celebrate you in your way. What’s your favorite thing to do?

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Thursday Doors – In A New Direction

I walked in a different direction today and found some fun stuff to share. Not a door but a roof. I was delighted to see this house with solar panels all over. Both house and garage have panels so they face all directions to collect.

I was near this home and hearing a rooster crow and not a dog barking as I walked past. That and the gentle tik, tik, tik of a sprinkler were my favorite sounds today.

Here are a couple of houses dressed for summer with flowers, signs and more.

Also spotted a really fun backyard garden.


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Thursday Doors – Peoria

I recently traveled to Peoria, IL to visit a museum and while walking around town I found a few doors. There will be a couple of other posts some about doors and some about the other fun things I discovered. It’s very interesting what finds you make if you are in a new place and have free time to explore.

I think this is a bird house. It was in the window of a resale shop that was closed at the time.

What a magnificent door.

Here is the information about the building and the building itself.

This building was near the city center and several municipal buildings. Court House and Police Headquarters were nearby.

#ThursdayDoors #PeoriaIL

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Today’s Blooms – Traveling

Today these are coming to you from another location. This is what I found blooming in Tennessee today. The two planters are from a series of planters around town.

The second planter is of a person with fishing pole in hand. I walked down near the creek where they have fishing contests and found the flowering plant and the creek ad a bonus in the background.

Remember to take time to smell the flowers.