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Thursday Doors – Is It Real

This week’s contribution. The two doors near one another seem strange on a large warehouse type building.

The next door is very unusual. It is about 10 feet tall and not really a door. The wood grain and hinges are simply paint. It is a large metal plate covering what must be an opening in the wall.

4 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Is It Real

  1. Oh wow… this could very well be a photo of a door in a building at a railroad yard. I can just see it… I immediately thought of the faux brick buildings our friends have made for their garden railroads (ours is Sunset Pacific Ry. and there’s a FaceBook page for it with photos). How utterly cool this is… thank you! p.s.I’m a blogging friend/acquaintance of Dan Antion’s

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    1. So nice to hear I was not the only one intrigued by the unusual door all in one building. I was walking up and looking closely at the doors, hands on the very tall door that was painted to look like wood and not really a door. The rest of the world was just walking past. Lucky I did not get myself arrested. Although that would have been a good story. HA.

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