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Thursday Doors – Irish

I had the pleasure of going to a concert with The High Kings from Ireland performing. This happened at the Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago. The front entrance is quite grand with 3 flags flying over the 3 doors.

On one side of the building was a canvas canopy over the doorway with a lovely Celtic Knot as decoration. In the back of the building again 3 doors but with a massive tree and branches everywhere.

The fourth side had a door with the word “Entrance” carved in stone and a door tucked way back with a ramp so things can be wheeled in.

Then we have the interior doors with beautiful Celtic symbols painted above them.

Front Doors – with US, Irish and City of Chicago flags.

While not doors I added a photo of the stone work embedded in the sidewalk in front of the building. Also a rendering of the structure of the building. This looks as if it may have been a school at some time.

The concert was excellent #TheHighKings are a delightful group. I am not alone in saying they had me laughing and crying and loving every minute.

5 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Irish

  1. This is a beautiful building. I’m glad you enjoyed the concert. I love the doors, but I am also fascinated by that built-out bay window on the upper floor of that one view. The painted details above the doors are equally wonderful.


    1. Not sure if that is a later addition. The building started out life as an elementary school and has had many lives. Today’s pub and general sales store of Irish merchandise along with a ballroom and air conditioning all have made the entire building seem different. However the long , wide central hallway with various rooms coming off it screams “I once was a school.”

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