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Thursday’s Doors – Downtown

I could not pass up the doors downtown this week. All of these are on my favorite type of buildings, the older ones. No stop to check the actual dates because I was on my way to the theater. I do not want to be that person.

Door to the bridge tenders room.

We have many of these buildings, 2 on each bridge. The place for the person who operates opening the bridge to allow tall ships to pass through.

Opera House doors, maybe 30 foot opening.
About 20 feet high.
City Hall doors.
Monument with Standing Beast

This is a fiberglass sculpture by Jean Dubuffet. I chose to include this because the openings could serve as doors and you can walk through this. It’s also not that old. Unveiled in 1984, so I threw in a ringer this week.

5 thoughts on “Thursday’s Doors – Downtown

  1. I love walking around Chicago. The last time I was there, I took tins of photos (I think I might have been that guy) but I kept up with the tour. I like the tiny house on the bridge, as well as the other doors. I always like seeing a revolving door.

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