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County Fair – 1

The Fair started today in McHenry County Illinois. I love the fact that this was always a rural area and still has many farms and this Fair reflects that. It has many traditional categories and some unconventional ones as well.

I will be showing mostly photos over the next couple of weeks. I only wish to convey a small portion of the fun. In true Fair fashion it was hot and dusty today. Yes, you can smell the animals. The performing in the grandstand begins later. The rides are all set up and ready to toss and spin you around. Those amazing food booths are tempting us all to eat.

As a child I went to county fairs where my cousins lived in a very rural area. I was a city kid and we did not have a fair, we did have carnivals with rides and food. So when I moved here I made sure my children went into the 4-H and Dairy and Goats etc, etc to know where your food comes from. So I will share my views of the fair.

My favorites are the quilting and sewing categories.


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