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Thursday Doors – Random

I like to invent a theme or find a theme among the houses I am taking a photo of the doors. This week, these were some of the doors I walked past on my way home from the farmers market. No theme emerged nor a pattern.

These are all large nice houses near the lake and down a street I don’t usually walk. The fun for me was just looking at the house styles and large trees and yards. Kind of boring but very pleasant.

I did find a bounce house for a child’s party and I simply couldn’t pass it up. We know there must be a door but it was safely away from the road. So Happy Birthday to the lucky child. I think I need the adult version for my next birthday.

4 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Random

  1. I smiled immediately at the word “random.” I like these doors. Ordinary doors that are in use, serving their purpose, every day. I have to wonder, given the variety and quantity of food served at a birthday party…a bounce house?

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