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County Fair – 4

Tractors and other antiques are a large part of this Fair. We have quite a few who bring out the antique tractors and one of the days we have a tractor parade. All the vintage tractors are started up and wind their way around the fairgrounds. Great fun for young and old alike.

My absolute favorite are the antiques. We have for many years had people bring in their family’s antiques. There are a huge variety of categories and I will share just a few for you

One of the traditions in my family was to go the day of the judging of antiques. The fairgrounds are in Woodstock, IL, the county seat also an old school small town. Most business is done around the square in the center of town and the courthouse was once located their. The park in the center of town has a bandstand for the summer concerts and the lawn hosts the farmers markets and fairs and festivals.

One of the off shoots in the square are the antique shops. The town boasts many old houses and buildings. The county fair taking advantage of the knowledge of the antique dealers uses them for judges. The judging process takes quite a while and they go through each category and tell you why one item is chosen over the others. The knowledge from the judges over the years is amazing. So I would sit there and soak up as much as

As the sign says when you are driving out, “See You Next Year.”

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