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NFL Experience 100 Years


This week was the 100th year of National League Football in America.  The NFL Experience came to Chicago to celebrate and kickoff the first game of the season.  Everything was there, main stage for filming, giant screens throughout Grant Park to watch, Super Bowl rings on display and photo ops around every corner.  On top of that the whole thing was free to any fans that choose to show up.


Since I am a long time football fan and I was in the general vicinity, I decided to go and see what was up.  It was a beautiful sunny day with cloudless blue skies and a gentle breeze off Lake Michigan.  If nothing else happened, it was a great day to walk around downtown Chicago.


After the obligatory, in today’s world, metal detectors and bag check, you were inside the experience.  There were a multitude of orange shirted volunteers to point you in the right direction as well as signposts to help.  So many photo ops it was hard to choose the best.  Football related shops to buy whatever a fan might need.  All in all a really fun day and I would certainly go if there is an opportunity near you.  I also had the chance to have my photo taken with the NFL Lombardi Trophy!!!