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Challenge #19 Ghosts

This challenge comes from a small writing group.  We have a large series of random questions that we answer and share.  The goal is to answer at least one per week.


Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever been or lived somewhere you thought was haunted?


My Ghost Story

Always kind of thought they were real but not for any specific reason.  Maybe watching too many cartoons as a child of Casper The Ghost.  In my old neighborhood  the house two doors down was one everyone said was haunted.   Far too many people said as they sat on the sofa in the living room they would experience a cold feeling on their feet, especially around the ankles.  Like a cold wind was blowing just under the sofa on their feet.  There was a  painting on the wall that always crooked no matter how many times you straightened it.

Watching a small child talk to a wall, they may see someone we don’t.  A dog or cat staring or barking at an empty part of the room also makes you thing maybe they are seeing or hearing or smelling something we can’t.

Right now I am visiting a friend whose home is well over 100 years old.  On a day when I am the only person in the house and suddenly a closet or pantry door is slightly open???  Something I put next to the kitchen sink is now in the sink.  This is not any scary kind of feeling, just a warm friendly feeling almost like someone is glad I am staying here right now.

I went on a haunted tour of  Savannah Georgia and according to the tour guide this was the second most haunted city in the US. The guide explained that because there was a hospital here during the civil war there were many restless spirits here. He also went on to explain that before the war the mixture of pirates and upright citizens often clashed creating some of those ghosts.  This was an entertaining and interesting tour and I would recommend it to any visitor to Savannah.

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Dahlonega, GA


Perfect day trip in the Atlanta area, about 2 hours north  of the city and in the mountains.  This adorable little town has a beautiful square in the center of town with lots to entertain all year long.  Gold was discovered here in 1828 but the gold strikes on the west coast were much larger and more publicized.  Gold mining still happens here though at various points along the river.

While the square is a big attraction, the tubing on the river is lots of fun in the summer along with camping.  I have visited a number of times over the years and part of the joy for me is the winding drive through the mountains and all the other small towns as well that are nearby.

On the day we just went to visit there were  lots of tourists and several classes of school children in town.  The people on motorcycles love the drive with the winding roads to get here as well.  On an average Tuesday in October, there were a lot of people around.   The city hall in the center of the square has a commanding presence  as well as a museum in it.  Surrounding  on the square are lots of small shops , the required fudge shop and a nice variety of places to eat and drink.


Definitely consider this a destination if you are spending a couple of days in Atlanta.  This is a nice visit any time of the year.

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Ponce City Market, Atlanta, Georgia

I have been to visit the Atlanta area a number of times, the first time about 45 years ago.  When I  visited then, I came with a friend and neither one of us knew anyone here so we went to typical tourist places. Dinner at a recommended restaurant and shopping downtown. Now I have family and friends living in the area which allows me to come here more often.  So I have their input about unique or the current fun place to see. This was my first visit back in about a year and we had free time to explore so I set out for a new adventure.

This visit, I discovered a great new place.  The is a shopping area, not a shopping mall,  called Ponce City Market.  It is located in a converted  Sears, Roebuck building. The building originally opened in 1926 and re-opened in its new form in 2014. The day we visited it was jam-packed with people everywhere.

There are great shops and restaurants, tons of parking, a wonderful industrial vibe throughout and entertainment at various times. Throughout a nod to the original use of the building by Sears.


The general experience in this place is much like Underground Atlanta was many years ago.  The day was wonderful in every aspect and I look forward to making this a regular stop on my visits here in the future. Once again a chance for good food and great shopping in a new atmosphere.