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Seward Alaska

This is a small town on the Kenai Peninsula which is where the Kenai Fjords National Park is.  It was the historic home of the Iditarod Trail and has a marker for  the 0 mile start of the race. It sits beautifully on Resurrection Bay a deep water port in Alaska and is backed up by mountains.


This wall on a building in downtown has pretty much the history of Seward on it’s wall.  The town is named after the Secretary of State who fought for the purchase of Alaska. It was completely changed  with the Good Friday Earthquake in 1964 by the tsunami which devastated the area and killed a number of people here.


What a treat to have the ocean as your front porch and the mountains as your back porch. It is quite an active town due to the ocean liners that arrive and drop off and pick up passengers.  The design of the buildings gives it that frontier town look, but don’t be deceived.  It is certainly a modern town as well.


You will find a large variety of art and artists here.  Great restaurants sometimes give off the air of being your neighborhood hang out, and then the first class food arrives at your table and you know this must be a fine dining establishment.


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Segway Tour

When did this become a thing?  I guess I was not paying attention to all the trends out there.  You can take Segway tours all over the world. Pictures in front of the Eifel Tower or the White House or the Golden Gate Bridge.  I guess because I came here as more of a visitor than a local I am looking at touristy things a little more. Well Anchorage has a Segway tour, it lasts about 90 minutes and that includes instructions on how to ride one.

seg tour 4

The tour starts in downtown Anchorage and covers a lot of territory and information about the city, plus it’s just a fun thing to do.  For those who are a little intimidated, they have ones that you can sit on and just cruise along with the rest of the group.

seg tour 5

As the map shows they are right in the midst of everything.  This is a tour for all ages and the day we were there, most of the people on the tour were locals.  I thought that was pretty interesting because it just gives people a different way to look at their own town.

seg tour

Look Ma, no hands moment in front of the old train downtown.  This is a spot several of the tours come to, because it really is an important part of Alaskan history and it is a very pretty spot to see.

seg tour 2

This is certainly a tour I would consider for everyone to try.  All the people on the tours I see around town seem to be having fun, even on rainy days.  They just put on a poncho and a smile and off they go.

So look into the next big city you are visiting and consider this type of tour.

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Climbing Flattop

Flattop Mountain is about 15 miles outside of Anchorage in the Chugach State Park and is over 3,000 feet high.  It is known as the most climbed mountain in all of Alaska.  Because of its location and much of it is able to be climbed by the novice with no real special equipment required.

There is a van from Anchorage that travel there daily from mid-April to mid-October for a small fee.  On your own it is a short drive to the State Park.  The trail is well marked and it is about 3 miles round-trip. This is one way to get great views of Anchorage as well.


This was Flattop a short time ago.  There were a few moose sightings the day we were there, but you can never tell just what wildlife will show up.

The last bit of the hike is not quite as easy and is much more vertical.  That is hands and legs and knees helping to get to the summit to see the flag.

flattop top

Flattop in the winter.

flattop mt

Just beyond the summit there is a ridge line that the daring climb for even higher elevations and thrills. What a thrill being able to go home and tell everyone you climbed a mountain in Alaska.


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Today I Am 70

I was going to get sappy, but I’ll save that for later.

The best gift ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   My grandson and I went up in a 1947 model Piper, 1 propeller, 3 people, so unbelievably awesome. Pilot in the front seat, the two of us, with one seat belt, on the bench in the back.  Too much fun.


The door of the plane is open as we are taking off from Lake Hood in this float plane.


Flying over a place in the mountains where 3 glaciers come together.  Beautiful.


Door open again as we have landed in this small lake with icebergs larger than our airplane floating in the water.  The most beautiful thing I have ever seen this close and personal. We even held a piece of the ice that broke off from one.  I just do not have enough good words for this.


Hard to see but there is a mama moose and baby down there.  On this trip we saw sheep and goats all over the mountains, mama and baby moose on the trails and swans serenely floating on a small lake.

When you hear the advertising that this is the only way to truly feel Alaska, believe it.  Our pilot was amazing, skilled and very knowledgeable about all things Alaska and should have been on his honeymoon.  He was married 2 weeks before, we met his lovely bride as well, and they decided to wait until Alaska is cold and dark to go on that honeymoon.

I could not stop smiling for hours, even as sick as I was.  I will never forget this trip.


We flew with Trail Ridge Air Inc, and it was a well thought out trip to maximize our safety as well as our viewing possibilities.  I will do this again before I leave here.



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Alaska Zoo Revisited

I really wanted to do a section mainly on the birds in the zoo.  I must say the placement and layout of the zoo is also delightful.  The zoo is in a highly wooded area and the paths are not concrete sidewalks like you find in the city.  The walkways are natural mulch type material and curve along the hills and have small bridges over waterways.  Very pleasant to have shade on a sunny day.


Obviously not a bird, this was in the orphaned animal section. A special area for newly injured or orphaned animals to heal and adapt before moving to exhibits in this or other zoos.  This face was too cute not to show you.


Not all are exotic birds, they had Magpie, Ravens, Golden Eagle and Bald Eagle and quite a few different types of Owls.  It was fun to see the Magpie and Ravens since those birds along with a Bald Eagle live in my neighborhood of Anchorage.  I hear them and see them as I walk around. The Bald Eagles were just a majestic as in the wild, but these had missing or damaged wings so would never survive in the wild.

The zoo also has the required gift store and food available as well as a picnic type area and a children (or adult) petting zoo section. There is a fee for entrance, but I believe small children are free.  Open long hours in the summer 9 AM to 9 PM, this coupled with the free bus should make this a stop on most visits to Anchorage.

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Alaska Zoo

What a delicious little zoo.  This is a short FREE bus ride from downtown Anchorage.  One of the many nice things about this zoo, is that the animals here mostly were injured or abandoned in the wild and can no longer live in the wild.  There are not the usual monkeys and lions and elephants in this zoo, that you can see in the lower 48.  But, many are species native to this area and/or climate.

polar bear

Just getting up from a nap.


Where’s my morning coffee?   Oops that would be me.

Seal underwater

Seals and otters in a nice habitat where you can see above and below water level.


One of several musk ox.  They also have Yaks. Looks like a cousin to this guy.


The swans were a bit of a surprise to me, but this is where they belong.


Tiger , not Siberian but Amur.

Also Moose and several Bears.  I will add more about this really nice zoo next time.


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Anchorage Market

This is an open air market in downtown Anchorage, at 3rd and E streets.  It happens in the summer in a parking lot  on Saturdays.


This is the entrance as I walked up to it yesterday. Pretty fitting to see that row of flags just before Memorial Day.  I’m not sure if they do this all the time or just for the holiday weekend.  In any case, what a fun market.  About 6 rows of tents and a combination of a really nice craft show and your favorite county fair.


Always the backdrop of mountains, it never gets old.  Not super crowded at the time I was there which was about  1 1/2 hours before they close. I did not photograph the individual artist’s work because there was so much of it.  Tons and tons of original photography, jewelry, t-shirt designs, quilting, scrimshaw, wood carvings and the list could go on and on.  What a great place for an authentic,  original piece of Alaskan art as a souvenir.


On top of that is entertainment.  Several guitar players and singers throughout the booths as well as a small stage with an eating area in front.  Yes, they have funnel cakes, but so much more. Salmon served in ways you never imagined, caribou and or reindeer in a variety of ways, even some moose cooked up for you.

I selected a Russian baked dough that was filled with beef and rice and carrots and onions and spices, sort of an oversized ravioli.  Very tasty and they have a spicy version as well.


I will certainly revisit this market.  If you are planning a trip to Alaska and will be in Anchorage, add this to your list of places to stop on a Saturday.  Truly those work of art souvenirs that you will want to keep on display forever.

Sorry for all the sidewalk in photos, I neglected to crop them, I will do better next time.



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Moose Walking??

This is an actual photo I took of a man walking his moose.

moose walking

This is a young moose, but still a moose, not your average household pet.

moose walks

I had to take several pictures just because.

It was a beautiful day and I was taking a walk near a park to see the kites people were flying.  Because of the almost constant winds, flying kites is a very popular activity, not your Charlie Brown caught in a tree kite, but flying kites that take a great deal of strength to keep them aloft.

kites over anchorage

Love this shot with the American flag and the mountains as a backdrop.  It’s hard not to get mountains in almost every shot.  But these are some serious kites they are flying.  This was going to be a part of what I was writing about it really being spring in Alaska, but then along came a moose.

Moose 1             Kites 1/2

walking the moose

This last one is not the same moose, but this one seems to be waiting for the right bus.

moose on street