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Woodstock 50 in 2019

I was not at the first, but I was able to go to this one, and yes it did happen.  Two venues were vying for the public and I’m sure there are enough music fans to support two events the same weekend.  It was pretty much a festival of peace and love and some rock n’ roll.

The venue is right next to the original and a lot of homage paid to the original.  Rain was a threat or a factor all 3 days, no huge mud slides, that might have been difficult with the walkers and wheelchairs in attendance.

The entire process to an old hippie like me was pretty magical.  I am sure many people came with their own agenda and expectations.  Being able to attend and be in the moment to absorb the vibe met and exceeded any expectation I had about Woodstock.


Near where I live in Illinois we have a music venue that has been here for a long time, Ravinia.  Always a home for Peter, Paul and Mary as well as the Chicago Symphony Orchestra or Bernadette Peters.  Great music, outdoor setting, food out on the lawn, the two were comparable.

Happy Woodstock.