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Jack – 99 words

Somehow I know this will be my year. Jack came into my life during the pandemic and I could not help but fall in love with all the time we spent together. This could be my second chance at fulfilling all my fondest wishes.

Registration rules require that I call him “Hit The Road Jack” instead of just the Jack that I wanted. I just know this is my year to win the Kentucky Derby and Jack will be the one. I see it now the roses draped across the neck.

Alarm rings, must get up for work now.

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Thursday Doors – No Corner Store

At one time in my neighborhood in Chicago most blocks had at least one storefront building, in some cases it was a corner building to catch the travel from 2 directions but sometimes it was in the middle of a block and today they are mostly gone. My block had 4, on the left side as I looked out across the street was a small grocery store and the family lived on the second floor. Across the street almost directly in front of us was a neighborhood tavern with a pool room attached. Then on the right side corner across the street was another neighborhood tavern with 2 flats above it and one was occupied by the owner of the building.

On my side of the street on the right side was my favorite store, a small candy store and the owner lived in a small apartment in back of the store with her daughter and son-in-law living in a 2nd floor apartment. Here is where I spent my $.75 I earned by helping a neighbor keep an eye on her children while she was writing a book. Almost all of it was penny candy. WOW.

Today that is valuable real estate and the small stores did not survive. Here are a few examples of how the stores have been disguised to create another apartment in the buildings that survived the wrecking ball.

Part of old windows bricked up
Windows here are covered with wood.
These are framed to appear as 2 windows on each side.
Foux rock and wood siding around smaller windows

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Thursday Doors – Poland

We visited Krakow Poland in 2019 and managed to capture a few doors in our wandering around the city. These are wood and at least 10 feet tall. Most of the buildings they are on were a couple hundred years old.

Many of the doors have graffiti on them but for my first grouping I chose these beauties. They are even more impressive in person.

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Thursday Doors – Spring

Today I was wandering out in the suburbs in an area of nice but very repetitive doors, nothing to make one sit up and take notice. So my choice were a couple of doors that made me feel it was spring. We had some very cool days but a lot of sunshine.

An adorable bunny in the flowers.
Very attractive gray house and yellow door.

The sunshine really felt wonderful today and made the cool weather not as cold. Lots of spring flowers bursting into bloom really helps. Hope you have a sunny day.

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Thursday Doors – Witchy?

Here is my door for today.

This charming door is on a house nearby that I often walk past. In the middle of large lake front homes is a charming smallish home. Possibly a 3 or 4 bedroom home that is about 80 years old ( most in the area are 130 to 150 yo).

We love the door that sets it apart from all the others. Looks like they found it in a mideavil castle. We refer to it as the witches door with fond feelings because of the half-moon.

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It Was Just One Of Those Years – 99 Word

We were going through a rough patch it seemed. Steve had the radiator cap blow off and sprayed him – severe burns. We had just recently discovered our “dream” house had no insulation in the walls or ceiling – no easy fix available. My dad had a major stroke and passed away after 3 weeks in the hospital – my universe crumbled.

Sometimes when we look back it feels like years are marked by bad stuff and some by good. This year many of us had a collective bad year. Now is the time to focus on our good stuff for this year.

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Inside Doors

I have been sharing some doors from this interesting area and have a friend who lives in a fabulous house here. I thought it would be fun to see some of the doors inside the house. The doors that separate and exit to the outside are about 10 feet high with the trim. All are solid wood.

Both sections of this door open.
One of 2 interior doors with a transom.
Built-in from the dining room, bottom portion.

The fact that these are intact in a house that is well over 100 years old is such a bonus. Hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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The Cottages – Thursday Doors

These early spring days with sunshine are reason enough to walk about, adding door photos is a bonus. This time I focused on the “cottages” and these are nothing like a lake or mountain cottages. These homes are typically one floor with attic and sometimes basement space. One family lived in the building and were one step above the factory or shop workers. Perhaps a supervisor or manager. Most are mixed in with the 3 flat apartment houses.

Here is a row of 8 houses. These are typically brick (after the Chicago fire) and decorated but not elaborate.

Today many of these are turned into 2 or 3 apartments. They have dormers added to the attic space and often a door added for access to a basement/garden apartment. Here’s this week’s door assortment.

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Sweet Potatoes – 99 Words

Photo by Nastasya Day on

We only look for sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving. They are dripping with butter and brown sugar, I try to ease it a bit with pineapple chunks, then we drown everything in marshmallos. I do love to eat this knowing it will come around next year.

With half as many people last year I made twice as much food. I have gained a lot of weight and what does my dieters group suggest. Sweet Potatoes.

So my current schedule is to add potatoes to every meal. That should really help my weight loss journey. Once Covid leaves I will start.