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My Oscar Buddy

I have a good friend who has been in regional theater and some TV shows over the years. We had a tradition of watching the Oscars together apart. I was at my home and she at hers. We spoke over the phone during commercials only. I was not the only person she was having conversations with. Other actors, friends and family all were a part of Oscar night.

Currently she is in a long term health care facility due to the trauma of a debilitating disease. Sadly we are no longer able to hold the same kinds of conversations.

The first thing I wanted to do after “the slap heard ’round the world” was talk to her on the phone. So I’m not sure if I am saddened by her disease or the disease of mankind.

One is a physical onslaught of a body and mind and we have no control. The other is a closing of a mind with intent and purpose. It’s a disbelief of what we all saw together that it was not real. I don’t want to play armchair psychology, but many people are. My decision is to let things marinate and come together naturally and the truth will emerge from the mud.

This shift in society is difficult to watch and I am getting into a much too heavy subject. I miss my friend and I am sad for us. She probably was not even watching TV this week

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99 Words – Old

December 10, 2020, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about something a character never dreamed would happen. The situation can be fortuitous, funny, or disappointing. Go where the prompt leads!

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It’s tough to be invisible, some days I wonder do I really exist. Was I 55 or 65 when it happened, is it only with young people or have I achieved an unknown life goal. Next year I’ll be 75 and things will reverse, maybe. This is not a goal I dreamed of as a child or adult but I worked for it. I still have goals and dreams and learn and teach new things. Will the end be Covid or Cancer or Crazy. Never forget old people can dream, hope, create and accomplish the presidency even. It’s time to go home?