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It’s The Birthday Post

I have chosen to keep it at Kathy70 for the blog name and not update every year, when I started this journey I was 70 and very excited about living in Alaska for 6 months. This year I will be 76 and still not changing the blog name. I am excited about being 76 and have threatened to sing “76 Trombones” every chance I get all day long. (Little to none are the chances of that.)

Not much has changed in my universe, I’m still retired, I still live in the midwest and I have added a couple of cities to my travel. Since the world closed I have not been out of the country since 2019 and am itching to go. So we have a war going on, price of everything through the roof and not enough pilots to run all flights scheduled. (Wah wah in the background.)

I love celebrating my birthday in a casual way. I do celebrate every year not just the biggies because I am grateful just to be here. Out to lunch with friends, coffee break with an overpriced cuppa, or the family going to a hot dog place to eat. Maybe in a couple years when I hit the next milestone year we will do it up bigger. So Happy Birthday to me.

Celebrate you in your way. What’s your favorite thing to do?