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Today’s Blooms – White

From a 1 inch, the first photos to about 8 inches, the second photo, I love them all. A colleague once had a discussion about her gardens. She had grouped hers based on the colors of the blooms. On one side of her home were only white flowers and it just sounded so lovely. I can see all of these commanding space in their own garden.

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Today’s Blooms – Traveling

Today these are coming to you from another location. This is what I found blooming in Tennessee today. The two planters are from a series of planters around town.

The second planter is of a person with fishing pole in hand. I walked down near the creek where they have fishing contests and found the flowering plant and the creek ad a bonus in the background.

Remember to take time to smell the flowers.

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Today’s Blooms

As I was out and about in the city today I found some very fun Blooms in purple. And we all know the color purple does not like to be overlooked and ignored. One if these offerings is a tiny phlox stem that pushed its way at the edge of the sidewalk. The pansy was a decorative element to an outdoor eating area. The chive flowers are from a small container garden. This is way more explanation than they need. But these all put a smile on my face.