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Today’s Blooms – Pines

It looks like someone has indicated in Florists Review how large displays should look. All located far from each other yet they have the same feel.

The 1st one spotted near downtown.
Number 2 outside an office, gold twigs not birch branch.
Another office, twigs, branches and seed pod.
Outside a government building. Not permanent trees. Maybe they will add ornaments later.
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Today’s Blooms – Migration

We know how things migrate in our garden. Every year things pop up in a space not assigned to them in the garden. Tomatoes are notorious in my yard for traveling to places that were not reserved for them.

As I was walking in the neighborhood looking for things blooming I encountered some things in migration. Today’s Blooms are all birds. I did not take the eagle photo I was not fast enough, but a friend did.

This guy was all alone.
Some of the Trumpeter Swans, about 40 on the lake.
They don’t nest here, but are just passing by.

We have the usual migratory birds but our little lake invites a few of the more impressive flocks. No wild turkeys spotted but in the summer we do have turkey vultures. Happy Thanksgiving.

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Today’s Blooms – November

Some years we have had our first measurable snow by this time. Most of the flower gardens and vegetable gardens are done until next year

I know some parts of the country are just getting into the second planting. Not here. I had a very pleasant surprise however. I was downtown in our town and found these large planters in a protected mall area. It has buildings on two sides, north and south. The overhead and the other sides are open. Beautiful Blooms. Enjoy.

The butterfly is artificial


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Today’s Blooms – Look Down

Today’s Blooms are from street art I recently encountered. We have already had some early frost and snow so the outdoor Blooms are pretty much restricted for several months. My thought was to move it inside then I remembered this beautiful space.

Walking down the street I encountered some beautiful street art. I have a lot of those photos from the sides of buildings and 30 feet tall. I took a lot of those photos while living in Alaska which got me started here.

This is my first encounter with it looking down. These are sidewalks painted by various artists. Most are at intersections and are walked on daily. Beauty is truly all around us.

I feel very lucky to have stumbled upon a new way to see flowers and all their beauty in a different form.