Since Dad died last Thursday, I’ve been so touched by the outpouring of love from his friends and fans all over the world on Facebook and various message boards and news sites. Since those who loved him best are separated by such vast geography, I thought it fitting to come together and remember him through […]

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This is several years old, but I am sharing this today again, because some days it just feels good to remember people you have loved or admired or who made your heart sing.  I only met and knew him as a fan, but some days that is enough.


Remembering Glenn – invitation to a virtual wake — Remembering Glenn

Ring! Ring! It was my buddy Stan. “How about meeting at The Pit this afternoon?” “Uh Stan, all bars in the state are shut-down due to the Covid pandemic.” “That’s not a problem.” “How so?” “The Pit has gone on-line.” I suppose it makes sense. Nobody goes to a bar just to drink. You can […]

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The Pit On-line — Almost Iowa

2010 was a big year in quilting for me. In 2009, I received a Rasmuson Project Award to travel to Ohio and study with Nancy Crow for three weeks. Thank you Rasmuson Foundation for supporting and believing in Alaskan artists. I have written about my adventures studying with Nancy Crow many times. If you would […]

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The Year in Quilts 2010 — Maria Shell

Now that I have other projects under control, it is time to host the Safelight Project for the third year. This is a blog event to benefit the domestic violence shelter here with prize drawings for those participating! The shelter is constantly providing a refuge for new people, so the need is ongoing. The previous […]

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Safelight Project 2019 — From My Carolina Home

I am getting settled in my new Colorado apartment after relocating from Central Oregon to the Greater Denver Metro area. Finally, here is the final post in my series of posts about my first solo show at the Seattle Municipal Tower’s Ethnic Heritage Art Gallery located at 700 5th Ave in downtown Seattle, Washington. The show […]

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Solo Show Seattle Municipal Tower, Part III — tierneycreates