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Las Vegas Adventure

Our first state in the journey to stop in all 50 states was Nevada.  Selected because as you are flying there, you typically go over a portion of the Grand Canyon.  This is not as good as going to the canyon, but at least to see a small bit of it.


From the airport to the strip hotels.  If you have not been, the two main areas they wanted to see was the hotels on the Las Vegas Strip and the downtown area.


Classis, with the lights that say “Vegas”.


Next to downtown.


Back to the strip.

Las Vegas Glitz & Kitsch on Display


This will be a busy year and I am so looking forward to it.


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2017 And Travel

I have been living with family since I left my position in Alaska. I was recently approached by 2 family members I am staying with to help with a quest, of travel. They are interested in traveling to all 50 states this year. This is right up my alley.

We have some personal events/activities planned that will interfere with travel. Our first thought is to take a trip a week, most of these will be “day” trips, no overnight stays which becomes cost prohibitive. Example, a quick visit to Minnesota, go to the Mall of America and come back.  Not a way to really get a feel for what Minnesota (insert any state name) is all about, but a quick Polaroid, if you will.

I have done many of these trips over the years, but I also did my homework.  What is near an airport that I can see quickly? How will I get around in this town? How often are the flights in and out? Do I have a fallback plan if something does not go as planned?  How many relatives across the country can I count on to pick me up and maybe put me up for the night?

No huge suitcase to pack and check. No hotel to book and pay for. No car rental to deal with.  No friends or family to visit as time will not allow.  Can’t possibly see everything about every state that is good or bad but this helps to fulfill their quest.  So off we go on the next adventures.