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A Multitasking Morning


I am not sure I look at multitasking the same way others do.  A typical morning, the TV is on the news channel so I can hear and occasionally see what is happening in the world.  A load of clothes has just gone into the washing machine, that should be moved in 45 minutes.  The dishwasher needs to be emptied and everything put in its correct place.  I need to figure out what I will wear today and I am starting to get hungry for my breakfast.

This is an everyday multitask  list before I even get out of the house.  Then comes the schedule for the day.  Is this a day for the Senior Center, for quilt guild, for shopping, for travel or just a trip to the sofa to veg. Retirement hasn’t taken the multitasking away, it just changes the direction it takes.  Oh the golden years, life is grand.

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Gun Violence


36 years ago my friend lost her husband to gun violence in the workplace. Children lost their father that day. The person who did the shooting thought he was being fired, he was actually only being moved to another facility. He came in and was looking for a confrontation, there was somewhat of a language barrier, he shot the person he felt responsible and then took his own life. This feels very personal.

I have no answers, I can only tell you that each situation hurts and does not change the pain level at all. The current drive to do something headed by the children involved in the school shooting in Florida hopefully will take hold and they will persist through all the red tape and garbage talk.

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Nailed It


This is in a good way.   We have all seen the internet fails of people who tried to make something they saw on the internet and it became an epic fail.  The head fell off the doll, the soup  was saltier than the Dead Sea, or the wallpaper wound up on the dog, cat and human attempting to put it up.  Occasionally, I have an idea of something I want to try and it works.  This is a success story.

In a blog I read and follow I saw a comment about a Ham Pot Pie.  This began the thought process,  we had just eaten a made from scratch chicken pot pie, I had just gotten a good deal on ham the week before.  This could be a marriage made in heaven,  my family was very skeptical since we had never heard of this before and had no point of reference on how it would come out.  In my head I had already created the recipe.


I didn’t actually write a recipe, I am more of a handful of this and a pinch of that type of cook.  I decided that sweet potatoes would be best in this pie, so I sliced a sweet potato into 1/2 inch slices and roasted until it was soft.  I knew green beans had to play a part so I got those.  In the refrigerator I found a handful of sliced carrots and celery leftover from the past Sundays gathering, those went in. The whole family likes corn so that jumps into the picture.

To pull as much flavor as possible and to protect my aging belly, I always lightly fry onion before adding it into any dish.  So I added all the veggies into the pan with a bit of diced onion to soften and to  bring out the flavors and added a fair amount of parsley to this mixture.  Tossed this in a bowl with the diced ham.

For a “gravy”  I started with a white sauce, butter, flour and milk, in the same pan I used for the veggies to pick up all that flavor.  I used a generous tablespoon of brown mustard for my secret ingredient in the white sauce.  Next I added about a cup of freshly shredded parmesan cheese to this.  This went over all the meat and veggies in the bowl and into the pie dish.  Crust on top and then into the oven for about an hour.

With no added salt because of the ham and cheese already included, this tasted really great.  Most of us had seconds including the teen-aged male resident who likes nothing new .  All of us were skeptical initially, my daughter as I am putting this in the oven said “I will try it, but we do have other leftovers if necessary.”

I even had a bit of leftover pie crust and did what my grandmother always did with it.  Cut it into small pieces and put cinnamon/ sugar on top and baked for a few minutes.  There is a moral to the story,  just do it and say yes.


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Quilt Show 2019


Near my home is a small opera house that was built in 1889 and is still in use today.  It is a busy place and features local dance companies and community theater as well as touring shows.  On a recent trip to see a performance we found a pleasant diversion.

In a first floor reception room there was a small display of quilts.  While we expect buildings to last well over 100 years, the quilts on display were also very old, some were much older than the building.

I really appreciated the age of all the quilts on display as well as the vibrant colors they retained.  They are from a local collection and each of these patterns are some that are still in use today.  Another reason to say yes to any and all adventures, you never know what you will find there.