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A Photo A Week Challenge: Black & White

first frost (2)

Here is my photo for the week, it is frost on a window.  Beautiful but very cold.

My second is a black and white quilt.  I do so many in color I sometimes forget the simple beauty of black and white.

anniversary quilt



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Angel Numbers

Special sequences of numbers i.e. 333 or 1111 are called angel numbers among other things.  Did these kinds of numbers always appear?  Some of this I think has increased with digital watches, clocks and just about everything like coffee makers and microwaves.  We are seeing numbers differently.


While scrolling through something of mine, I focused on the number 888. This is not one I come across much so I looked it up. This has a good meaning in Chinese numerology, it’s supposed to be lucky.  Very good to have in a phone number or address or in business dealings.

In “Angel Numbers” it means that I should have balance in my life.  In my home, work, lifestyle, healing, relationships and beliefs.  I am not sure even what all of that is. It means that I will be able to create something of value to share with the world and I will be compensated abundantly.

I like that.

angel numbers 1

I know that numerology has been around forever, it seems like a cottage industry has grown from digital numbers.  I am not a cynical  person, but I have a hard time wrapping my head around watching all these numbers.  I am a numbers person.  Loved all my math classes in school.  Worked in accounting for many years.  I even count odd things just because.

angel numbers

I guess maybe I need to look into the science of it before I go much further. Maybe it is as simple as the world has changed to digital.  So instead of looking at a clock face and seeing where each hand is, you look at the sequence of numbers that pops up before you. I am not convinced that we are more aware as people, I had a couple of grandmothers that knew everything about everything.

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A Daily Challenge: Footsteps


When I would write something years ago, I would start with a search through the dictionary or one of several encyclopedias that we had.  Today it is Google or Wikipedia to start.  I do believe the end is the same, a jumping off point, that little nudge needed to start the next project. Today’s word prompt is Footsteps.

My first search was on other blogs.  I came across one of a young man from Romania who had a most interesting blog about walking and taking one footstep at a time.  Then to an online dictionary.  Footstep, a step on which to ascend or descend, a way of life, conduct or action followed in his father’s footsteps.

baby steps

I was looking for my personal meaning and I think I must amend it to baby steps.  This is how I feel my life is traveling now.  I am taking baby steps to make a decision about where to live.  I am taking baby steps in learning how this blogging really works.  I am OK with baby steps at this stage in my life.  I don’t need to create an artificial deadline for me to meet with my decisions.

I guess as long as I am feeling and/or seeing forward progress, I am good with that. I am OK with the Scarlett O’Hara quote from Gone With The Wind.  ” After all, tomorrow is another day”

scarlett o'hara

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A Photo A Week Challenge: Extravagance

A current example, in my opinion, is a Birkin bag.  It’s a purse people.

birkin bag 131000+

This one is over $130,000.00 USD.  It’s really nice.  But, it’s still a purse.


I love the fact that they are named after Jane Birkin, an actress, singer and songwriter who is also 70.  The bag came about from a chance meeting on a flight with the head of Hermes in 1983.

birkin jane

I Just have to give you one more look at a Birkin Bag.

birkin bag 1

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Renewing & Reintroducing Myself

Why start a blog, that is so last year were the first comments I received.  My first intention with blogging, was for a faster and easier way to communicate with a large group of family and friends.  I knew I would not be able to use some fast forms of communication since I would be 5 or 6 time zones away from most of my friends. This way they could ask questions and see what I was doing on the blog.

That proves not to be the standard response from family.  I heard oh, it is so hard to log in and out each time, it is much easier to call you.  This shows no regard for my needs and requirements.  I also heard about how interesting it was that I could talk about things in my life and make it sound interesting and they could not do that, so they did not read my blog.  Some only like the pictures.

So, I guess I am a little old lady, living in a new city, working a new job, meeting new people and sharing my adventures with whomever.  When I read that sentence back, I am very much OK with it.

I enjoy all aspects of writing.  I am not really good at fiction, though I think someday I will try my hand at it.  I am in the process of trying to improve my writing to make it easier to read and enjoy.